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We are an online language school. Teaching online is normal for us, even in abnormal times

Learning confidence

Online conversations

Enjoy real learning opportunities online with conversation sessions that build confidence and guide you to more effective business English

Get ready for better business communication in 2024

Online-Konversationen Genießen Sie echte Lernmöglichkeiten online mit Konversationssitzungen, die Ihr Selbstvertrauen stärken und Sie zu einem effektiveren Geschäftsenglisch führen

Machen Sie sich bereit für eine bessere Geschäftskommunikation im Jahr 2024

Conversations en ligne Profitez de véritables opportunités d'apprentissage en ligne grâce à des sessions de conversation qui renforcent la confiance et vous guident vers un anglais des affaires plus efficace

Préparez-vous à une meilleure communication d'entreprise en 2024

Studying online is a perfect solution

Étudier en ligne est idéal si
  •       vous avez besoin de flexibilité
  •       vous avez besoin d'acquérir des compétences spécifiques (présentation, conduite de réunions, vente, négociations, etc.)
  •       vous voulez apprendre en perturbant le moins possible votre journée de travail.

Nous pouvons vous accorder l'attention individuelle dont vous avez besoin !

C'est l'option la plus ecologiste - pas de vols, pas de trajets en voiture supplémentaires, réduisez votre empreinte carbone et apprenez avec des professeurs de langue maternelle !

Studying online is perfect if:

  •  you need flexibility
  •  you need to learn specific skills (presenting, conducting meetings, sales, negotiations, etc.)
  •  you want to learn with minimal disruption to your working day.

We can give you the individual attention you need!

We could even study in 'lockdown'!

This is the GREENER option - no flights, no extra car journeys, reduce your carbon footprint and learn with native speaking teachers!

Online-Studium ist ideal, wenn:

  •  Sie Flexibilität benötigen 
  • Sie spezielle Fähigkeiten erlernen möchten (Präsentieren, Führen von Besprechungen, Verkaufen, Verhandeln usw.) 
  • Sie wollen bei minimaler Unterbrechung Ihres Tag.

Wir können Ihnen die individuelle Aufmerksamkeit geben, die Sie brauchen!

Dies ist die umweltfreundlichere Option - keine Flüge, keine zusätzlichen Autofahrten, reduzieren Sie Ihren ökologischen Fußabdruck und lernen Sie mit muttersprachlichen Lehrern!

English as an international language is not just about grammar rules - it is about communication. Developing your confidence is at the heart of what we do at Business Language School. Contact us today to organise your free assessment session

Use our free grammar resources and business English lessons to boost your vocabulary and build your confidence!! Click on the links in our index or check our featured lessons ...

Featured lessons: 'Present simple and continuous' and 'New motors for classic cars'

We specialise in face-to-face, online business English lessons for small companies and professionals 

English for conversation, presentations, sales, negotiation and administration

Let’s have a conversation!

Learning a language is about learning to communicate, so with Michael Grant at Business Language School, we will work together with you to build communication.

We start by finding out what you can do with an assessment conversation in an online call. Then we create a plan based on your skills and your needs. We build on what you know to help you do more. To say more, to understand more.

In conversation sessions, we want to talk about the things that you need to talk about.

  • Are you involved in exporting? Let’s talk about tariffs and customs barriers. Let’s discuss invoicing and bookkeeping.
  • Or maybe you are in sales? Let’s talk about relationships and listening. Let’s talk about questions, when to be direct, when to be indirect. Let’s talk about negotiating.
  • If you are a manager, let’s talk about KPIs, SWOT analyses, and presenting and explaining data.

If you need to communicate in English, let’s have a conversation!

You can click here to email me, or call me on +44 7885 422671, and we can organise your free business English assessment conversation.

Online business English

Why study online?

We are all moving our working practices away from large groups and travelling, to home working, and one-to-one and team teleconferencing. Learning business English online builds your confidence using your English in these scenarios!

FREE language assessments - We have  some appointments available now for free language assessments! Find out what an online lesson is like!

Kontaktieren Sie uns um eine kostenlose Sprachprüfung zu arrangieren, mit Michael Grant, ein auf Online-Kurse spezialisierter Lehrer.

Contactez-nous pour organiser une évaluation linguistique gratuite avec Michael Grant, enseignant spécialisé dans les cours en ligne.

Contact Michael now!

Start something new - learn English online with us!

Business Language School is ready to build your confidence using English!

Student comments:
"I was afraid, in the past, to speak English, now I don't have this" (anxiety) - music sales executive, Germany

"I’m so happy with my English course – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done" (in business life) - microbiologist - Germany

"Michael is the best teacher I have had " - doctor of economics with an international economics forum - Paris

Where are you on the CEFR scale? Organise a free assessment. Click here to email us

Read Michael's posts on LinkedIn - this one comments on the Harvard Business Review's recent article on learning styles.  Click here to go to LinkedIn

Working from home productivity - Studie: Homeoffice wirkt sich positiv auf Produktivität aus

6 percent reductions in reports of stress, 9 percent more reporting 'no stress', 56 percent of employers reporting increased productivity!

Or read about Zoom meeting styles ...

From 'Zoom shirt' to mini-studio.

How much work do you want to put into your online setting? This article makes some good points.

As a trainer, it is important for me to make sure that my background isn't distracting my students. I can do that in two ways. I can be careful about my background in online conferences and more importantly, I can tailor my lesson to the needs of my student.

To use English in the 'new normal', it makes sense to learn online. You can practice your online meeting techniques as well as acquiring the language you need to succeed.

Business Language School operates exclusively online. Real teachers, real communication and real progress in real time.

Of course, if we are honest, there will be times we are more interested in someone's decor than their topic.

If you want to find out what my office looks like, message me to arrange for a free business English assessment and feedback session!

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Business Language School - learn business English online

Supporting businesses, further education and business students

Move your business forward with business English lessons from Business Language School. Learn online with real teachers in real time!

Learning online is highly effective, saves time, and is environmentally friendly.

The business people we teach use English to speak to the world. German engineers discuss specifications with Italian and Chinese colleagues. French lawyers use English to discuss European standards with Japanese manufacturers. Business people build bridges using a common language. English is the world's common language!

If you are in business, you need English and we will help you develop your skills.

Contact us to discuss your company's language-learning strategy or to arrange a free language assessment with Michael Grant, a teacher specialising in online courses.


What can I expect?

At, we specialise in face-to-face web-conference learning. You speak with a teacher not a machine.

You will receive correction and direction in real time. We help you speak English better, to understand English better, to write English better.

We teach you to use the language as a business tool.

Contact us now to find out more.

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