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English is the number one international business language.  Why? Because it is the world's favourite second language. 

The business people we teach use English to speak to the world.  German engineers discuss specifications with Italian and Chinese colleagues, in English. French lawyers use English to discuss European standards with Japanese manufacturers. Business people build bridges using a common language.

If you are in business, you need English and we can help you develop your skills.

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Online learning

Why study online?

Studying online is perfect if:
  • you need flexibility
  • you need to learn specific skills (presenting, conducting meetings, sales, negotiations, etc.)
  • you want to learn with minimal disruption to your working day.

What can I expect?

At, we specialise in face-to-face web conference learning. You speak with a teacher not a machine. You will receive correction and direction in real time.  We help you speak English better, to understand English better, to write English better.  We teach you to use the language as a business tool.
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Practice news stories

You can practice your English using

Our latest story has vocabulary discussing climate change and its impact on business