Is this the Brexit election?


The UK is facing an election on 12 December; Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been unable to persuade parliament to choose his version of Brexit, or any version of it. Now, the UK is facing the possibility of another government, or perhaps a strengthened Conservative government.


What are the possible outcomes?

Conservative win. If Johnson’s party can achieve a working majority and if he has MPs who back his vision of Brexit, then Johnson’s version of Brexit will become a reality. Of course, that will only be the start of ongoing discussions about the future relationship between the UK and Europe. The Conservatives are also trying to offer more money for the NHS and increased benefits for poor people.

Labour win. If Jeremy Corbyn is the new PM, it seems likely that there will be an attempt to create another deal with Europe and, perhaps, a second referendum to confirm the deal. However, Labour are trying to make the election about more than Brexit. They want to focus on inequality in society and creating greener homes.

Other factors. The Liberal Democrats could have an influence on the future of Brexit. They want to stop Brexit and stay in Europe. If they win a majority Brexit will be finished. However, they have not been a majority since the First World War, so it is more likely that they could influence decisions, without getting exactly what they want.

The Brexit Party. This pro-Brexit group want a harder Brexit than Johnson is offering and they have the possibility of splitting the Conservative vote (most of their supporters would be natural Conservatives). They may make a deal with the Conservatives, but it is being denied at the moment.

Nationalists. The Scottish National Party is currently the third biggest party in parliament. It has significantly more MPs than the Liberal Democrats. Like the Liberal Democrats it wants to stay in Europe (as do the Welsh nationalists, Plaid Cymru). However, the nationalists do not stand for election in England, so they will never have enough votes to form a UK government. They will be hard to ignore however, if they win a large number of seats.




Find words in the text to fit these meanings, highlight below for solutions

to face – to have an experience that you may not enjoy

to persuade – to make others agree with you

working majority – enough people on your side in parliament

ongoing – continuing

benefits – state payments

an attempt – an effort, trying

to confirm – to agree again

inequality – people having different chances in society, not being treated the same

an influence – an effect

splitting – dividing

to deny – to say something isn’t true

significantly – a large number, a lot >