New motors for old cars


Would you like an electric car for around town?

Do you love classic cars?

London Electric Cars may have the answer. The company converts classic cars to electric power. They add an electric motor and batteries to an existing chassis.

Matthew Quitter uses a Morris Minor as his transport in London. He claims that he can charge it once a week for one pound.

He also benefits from laws in Britain.

·       Classic cars do not pay road tax

·       Electric cars do not pay congestion charges in London

·       Insurance costs for classic cars are lower

His business, London Electric Cars, produces conversion kits for classics, including Land Rovers. Other companies can even offer electric conversions for Ferraris.

Other companies use accident-damaged electric cars to power their classic conversions.

You can speak to the companies at


What is a classic car?

What advantages do electric cars have?

What classic would you like to convert?


Vocabulary quiz

Match the words from the text with the definitions, highlight below for solutions

classic – something from a previous time

to convert – to change or alter

accident – an event that wasn’t planned

existing – not new, already made

chassis – the framework of a car

to charge (a battery) – to put power into

to benefit – to get an advantage

congestion charge – the price you pay to drive in London

a kit – a set of parts or tools


Question forms. There are two questions in the text and three in the ‘questions’ paragraph. What is the word order in the questions? How many verbs do they have?

The subject is placed after the first verb. The question using ‘to be’ have one verb (is), the other have two. A modal or auxiliary (would/do) plus the main verb (like/love/have/like) >