Why study online?

In these difficult times we are all looking for wats to keep working and to keep developing

Studying online is perfect if:

·         you need flexibility

·         you need to learn specific skills (presenting, conducting meetings, sales, negotiations, etc.)

·         you want to learn with minimal disruption to your working day.

We can give you the individual attention you and your company need!

You can even study in 'lockdown'!

This is the GREEN option - no flights, no extra car journeys, reduce your carbon footprint and learn with native speaking teachers!

Services for business

We can tailor courses to suit your business area; our students include lawyers, engineers, HR managers, construction professionals, etc.

We help you use your budget wisely to develop your career.

We specialise in business English. Our tutors will develop your confidence using English so that you can deliver your skills and professionalism internationally.

Why English?

English is the language of international collaboration. Spanish engineers speak to French accountants using English, Chinese software designers speak to Russian end-users using English.

For international business, at every level of an organisation, some English is essential.

Tell us what you need!

How ‘much’ English do I need?

This depends on the level of communication you need to achieve. Simple instructions require simple language. Motivating big teams and dealing with corporate meetings requires more. Speak to us about your needs.

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